About Tom George

My role as a Life Risk Adviser involves educating, assisting and providing advice in the area of personal insurance.  The concept of personal insurance is not new, however the life insurance industry has changed and continues to change at a rapid pace.

I have spent many years in the financial services industry and decided several years ago to specialise in the area of personal risk insurance.  I know from my experiences that people have very little or no personal insurance in place, putting themselves and their families at financial risk.

The main reason that the majority of Australians are underinsured is that they do not understand their options or risks in relation to personal insurance, so continue to delay the issue.  It is my job to recognise these risks and provide appropriate solutions to ensure that individuals, their loved ones and business owners are financially protected against serious illness, injury and premature death.

My main objective is to ensure that every client of mine has been informed of their options and given the best possible advice, to prevent or reduce the risk of financial hardship.  I am passionate about what I do as I am personally involved in the claims process, so experience first hand the difference adequate insurance makes to those affected.

Tom is an Authorised Representative of Morgans Financial Limited (341912) AFSL number 235410.

Personal insurance will not take away any physical or emotional pain associated with serious illness, injury or premature death.  What it will do however is allow the individual and their family to focus on getting better or get on with their lives, without the added pressure or burden of financial stress.

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